SSC English [4th-Week] Assignment Answer 2021- Class 10 English Assignment Answer Download

SSC 4th-week English assignment notice has been published today. The Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh has published this notice on their official website The SSC assignment 4th-week English question has been selected from the SSC short syllabus. We have collected the SSC 4th-week English Assignment question and publish the question with a description. Consequently, the students can understand the assignment question very easily and can make the answer on their own trying.

If you are a student of the SSC 2022 exam batch and searching for SSC 4th-Week English Assignment question and Answer, This article is for you. You can download the SSC 4th-week Assignment question and answer from our website for free of cost. Read the whole article in terms of getting Class 10 or SSC English assignment solutions.

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SSC Assingment Answer 2021

The cause of taking the SSC 2022 exam batch assignment is an open secrete. It is known to all that all the educational institutions of Bangladesh remained close due to Corona Virus worsening situation. The regular study of these students being hampered for this. The Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh have been taking the assignment for SSC 2022 exam batch students from June 2021. The authority of the education board has already taken 3 weeks assignment.


We have published the SSC 1st to 3rd week all subjects assignment answers. This is the platform where you can get the SSC all weeks and all subjects assignment solutions. If you have not completed the SSC 1st to 3rd-week assignment solution, you can download these from our website. Click here to download SSC 1st to 3rd weeks all subjects assignment answers.

SSC 4th-Week English Assignment Question 2021

As English is a vital subject for class 10 or SSC, The authority of The Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh has given a special concern to English, They have already taken 2 assignments in English. Today the education board has published the English 2nd paper Assignment question. We have collected the SSC English 4th week Assignment question from the official website of the education board and published it for you.

Some students from you have to face many problems in getting The SSC assignment question from the official website. You can download the SSC English 4th-week English Assignment with a description very easily. After collecting the question, The SSC students have to complete the assignment within 4th-week and submit it to their own school. We will update the SSC 4th-week assignment question when the Bangladesh Education board publish their assignment question.


People’s awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh

Learning Outcome:

Ask and tell about the problems Give suggestions


  1. Write an essay in 300 words including the cues below.
  2. How do people behave in public places and in public transport?
  3. Do people maintain social distancing during the lockdown due to Covid-19,
  4. How do people behave while moving from one place to another during festivals?
  5. Why do they do that? What could be the impact of such behaviour?
  6. What could you do as a responsible citizen of the country to prevent such behaviour?

SSC English 4th-Week Assignment Answer 2021

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People’s awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh

SSC English Assignment PDF Answer Download

In free of cost, download the SSC Egnlish assignment pdf answer from our website. You can see the answer offline by downloading it. As many students remain in the village. So, their network connection is very week. They need to download the answer offline. That’s why we provide the jpg and pdf file of the answer beside the written answer. So, download the SSC 4th week English pdf or jpg answer and complete your assignment within the 4th week. We will publish the answer when available. You can download the SSC 3rd week mathematics assignment solution from below. Click here to download SSC 3rd week mathematics assignment solution.

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